More than 15%! The price of photovoltaic glass will be increased in September, and further price increase will be expected in 2021

Column:Industry Informations Time:2020-09-10

The price of photovoltaic glass has been increased by 3~4 yuan / m2 since September. The price of 3.2mm photovoltaic glass, the mainstream in the market, has risen to RMB 30 / m2, while the price of 2.5/2.0mm PV glass has also risen to RMB 27 / 24 respectively. The price adjustment corresponds to an increase of about 15% for 3.2mm products in August, which is far higher than the 3-4.5% cost increase brought about by the price rise of soda ash (the price of soda ash rose 20-30% in August).

Driven by the increasing demand of module manufacturers and downstream installation, the supply of photovoltaic glass has been tight since August. The demand of downstream photovoltaic installation market was once disturbed by polysilicon material supply factors, resulting in a certain fluctuation in the product price of the whole industrial chain, and the price increase range and time point exceeded the industry expectation.

At present, the recovery of market demand and confidence will further tighten the supply of photovoltaic glass, thus triggering the price rise. It is expected that the price of photovoltaic glass will remain high in the second half of the year. According to the industry, the price of PV modules remains around 1.5-1.6 yuan / watt, which is acceptable to the developers of downstream photovoltaic power stations. Looking forward to the future, the industry expects that the supply of photovoltaic glass will remain tight in 2021, which is likely to continue to support the high price of photovoltaic glass, and the possibility of further price increase in 2021 is not ruled out.