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AR Photovoltaic Glass

AR coated glass developed by our company is a kind of product

formed relying on the world’s leading technology and equipment

after the surface of high-transmitting ultra-clear solar glass is plated

with one layer of anti-reflection film before the glass is tempered.

Such glass can well effectively reduce the reflectance of glass surface

and improve transmittance, so as to raise the conversion efficiency of

modules and improve the output power of PV modules. Besides,

it can self-clean the surface. It is the world’s advanced technology

and product.

● Technology Introduction

This anti-reflection film relies on advanced nanoporous silica technology.

By controlling the sizes and accumulation forms of silica particles, it obtains

nanoporous materials with uniformly distributed nanoscale on the surface of

ultra-clear glass. The reflectivity of film is reduced to about 1% and the reflectivity

of solar energy is largely reduced, so as to improve the solar transmittance and

eventually improve the conversion efficiency of solar modules.

● Product Advantage

1. It adopts glass components with low content of iron.

The transmittance is thus higher and module conversion

efficiency can be effectively improved.

2. The surfaces of glass are processed with nano-materials

to form highly effectively antireflective film. The transmittance

is increased by about 2.54% (compared with uncoated glass).

3. The surfaces of glass are melted and specular reflection changes

into diffuse reflection to reduce light pollution to the environment.

4. It is tempered at high temperature. The film and glass bind firmly.

5. The film is well resistant to acid and alkali under bad outdoor conditions.

6. The film has self-cleaning function. It is able to decompose organic

pollutes adhering to the surfaces of modules so that maintenance of

modules can be reduced.

7. The antireflective film absorbs little light. The antireflection effects

will not be affected when reflection is reduced.

Performance of Film

Specification and Packaging

1. Thickness: 1.6mm~10mm, standard thickness: 3.2mm,4.0mm

2. Maximum size: 1600mm﹡2100mm

3. Glass packaging: It is packaged in carton or wooden case.

It can also be sealed with aluminum foil for packaging.