upward trend for solar pv glass price since July,2020

Column:Company News Time:2020-08-31

Recently, the price rise of raw glass in the upstream of photovoltaic glass is more violent than photovoltaic. According to the incomplete statistics of analysis institutions, the price of original glass pieces increased 11 times in June, 9 times in July and 3 times in 5 days in August, which opened the price rising mode.

In recent years, the photovoltaic glass industry has developed rapidly. According to the forecast of the photovoltaic industry association, the market share of 3.2mm front cover glass will be about 67.50% in 2019. With the continuous production of lightweight components and new technologies, the thickness of cover glass will develop to thin sheet. It is predicted that by 2025, 2.5mm front cover glass will become the first market share. The market share of other front cover glass with thickness less than 2.0 mm will also increase rapidly. At the same time, as the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells increases by 1%, the cost of power generation will be reduced by 7%. In order to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency, in the photovoltaic glass, the focus is on improving the light transmittance. At present, the average transmittance of photovoltaic glass in the industry is about 91.6%, and there is still a big improvement in the future.