Solar PV Glass

Column:Company News Time:2017-04-07

Solar photovoltaic glass is generally used to cover photovoltaic modules Ultra white tempered glass. Current mainstream photovoltai  c glass is ultra white embossed glass, the thickness is generally 3.2mm.

PV Glass Requirements in the 380nm-1100nm range of transmittance in more than 91%%, one side by pressing roller embossed pattern, surface pattern of the glass to the incident light scattering effect, can help increase solar cells to the incident light absorption, to obtain higher photoelectric conversion efficiency. The coating on photovoltaic glass can increase the transmittance of 2.5%.

Solar glass is the whole photovoltaic industry chain in the capital technology requirements relatively low link, but its weight accounted for the PV module 70%. The core silicon wafer of real solar energy only accounted for less than 5% of the entire solar cell's weight.